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GarCon RE Real Estate and Property Management

The GarCon Re S.r.l. is the result of its owners long experience in the field of real estate divestment and appreciation, securitization of mortgage credits.

Through the considerable expertise and professional competence of its owners, the GarCon Re S.r.l. do, for their own and for their clients ( both retail and political organs as real estate funds, property market’s big companies, banks, etc.), the activity of Property Management to pursuit appropriate strategic choices to appreciate the real estate, to manage the rental agreements, the contentious and the relations with the lawyers, the management of real estate trading practices, the periodic elaboration of reporting, the routine maintenance, the individuation of professionals and services suppliers to give them the technical management. The GarCon Re S.r.l. was established on the 3rd of December 2008 with the contribution of a Sidera Real Estate S.r.l. division.

Through this contribution 32 property units get onto the Newco.